Thursday September 19th, 2019

The following are real live shirts worn by real live people in Japan. Any of these shirts that are not being worn at the time I took these pictures were found in real live stores and will theoretically someday be worn by real live people as well.

By the way, This t-shirt remains my favorite after so many months (Young'ns and sensitive eyes: Watch out, it contains the "F" word). This one comes in a VERY close second place.

Happy viewing!

The Shirts Are Coming, I Promise ...
so I've been sitting on a pretty big update to this site for a couple of years now, and very very soon (I Promise!!!) I'll get done with the rest of my priority stuff and be able to get them out...

PXR Squash

Full or Cheer.

Pacify Xceed Romance! The King of Funk?!

The harder I practice ...

Everyone needs a place to exist

The fast tempo of modern life

I can't really read this but it's funny

You know you gotta be a 'jentleman'

If my girlfriend wore this ...

Here's to your Glorious Futures

Anyone often want to be only one person

Mormal Collection

sets me free

Where we go

In my shiny little life


August Update... only 5 months late ...
Sorry everyone, I know a lot of you have been waiting for this for quite some time ... here's 20 new ones, and I still have many many more to update, so keep your eyes on this site for the next couple of months-

I have no idea what this says ...

The future belongs to those who believe

Best Contact Face

Satisfy ones's curious

Heave ... SUPPLE

Always a good girl...

get off the ground.

Creation (x5)

Walk on Air

Start on a journy

T&Pizzicate 2003

Rompish Beauty

Exertion and Something!

Khaki Killers (hard to read, sorry!)

Natural Generation

No more idealistic behavior


One word ahead and you'd be dead

It's a delicious tomato ketchup sauce!

-THE- old country style ... TOMATO KETCHUP


March Update a la the SH-52 phone
I got a new cellular phone recently. The coolest thing about it (besides the fact that it has a 64-megabyte memory card and can play about an hour and a half of mp3 music) is that it has a digital camera that takes 640X480 pixel pictures. So, the pictures in this month's update were all taken by my new phone, the Sharp J-phone model SH-52.

Fablice champion team

Derive & Rowdyd Dog

WARNING!! I'm captivity man. RUN AWEY.

It's a happy time


This supper is you.

He is going to be one lucky guy...

electric wave communication

Chop About


HUUUUGE February update
I got a lot of wierd looks at the clothing store this time, so I had to take a lot of these pictures without a flash ... some of them turned out a little out of focus ... sorry! Also, this month features some non-shirt clothing, and even some real live people wearing the tshirts! Excitement!!

National save ecology

Very stylish extra ordinary and hyper

A stimulative movement

My sweetheart happiness (handbag)

a fragrance (bag #2)

(#3 in the special handbag series)

Crispy Yum!

Concentrate on the red letters...

An access to a sense of freedom

You can make a lot of money

Eternity of the earth

Everything bittersweet and


There must be an answer

Fresh Fruits Market

Change of heart


Weekends every fort night

Good music goes to heaven...


Replace a feeling ... don't be playing always

Don't complain about the weather

One's dream

85 pieces of the ROCK 'n' ROLL

Random interlude... socks

Have a merry socks day

How many thing thought

Making it think that it's foolish

Another random Engrish bonus ... sign from a yakiniku restaurant.



Woderful & Caprice

Wave After Wave....

Tomorrow's schedule is filled with different activities...

Change one's way of thinking

In all this t-shirty madness, a pair of jeans!

Taking over 2002

Stylish level is the most important thing on earth

Go around the street scene

I can scarcely sleep...

Road road

This shirt is actually almost acceptable

Are you happy?

Mode picture. Original conception.
Guest appearance by my partner in crime!

Reverse!!! Mercifully shine.

Make A Street

The new age of inspiration

I like flower

What the heck is this piece of clothing?!

it is the most WONDERFUL thing on the earth

hassuru de massuru (sorry, hard to read, bad exposure)

They makes me happy


He has a good memory


My mind has recovered strencth by nutritions in sunshine

fourleaves specimen

fancy ... funky ... funny ... three-F

What the heck is this piece of clothing ?!! (#2)

A life beyond description

It is a beauty skeleton

making progress

Aquea Top - natural material

the back of the Aquea Top shirt

Lab Convenience 5 ... weekends every fortnight


Added in December 2002

Who was really cool. When we finally got our chance, ...


Gay music amusing [MERRILY]

show wonderful world everyone

starlight, below zero and all around me an endless whitened hony of flows splendid.

I want to keep on the place

it is a thing with the drive to say that it meets dangerously

Runs once in a while to the person Trouble!! Trouble!!

war is not healthy for children and one livings


NEW added in October 2002

For only my external sake...

Coward bluffs in each a big hole...

Both an environment and life are wrong...

Contact Verpose

Green tea refreshingly and goes the sun which is fades in is my life water

Free inside Parking!

Japanese culture in the foreign language...

Listings correct at press time!

Let me introduce new criteria for nurturing alife

A breast is strained and a voice is raised...

Can you hear - footsteps of the future? ...

Although high stake burglary the films!!

What would you do if it is thrown out in the different solid dimension space?

Your heart vibrated to loud applause

Stumble in the race ...

A whirlpool is sown and fire is emitted...

It is connected with the world ... WORD SIMPLE ...


OLD pictures

Idle Hands

Glad Spunk


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