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A cross-platform lasershow creation and editing tool in 2D and 3D!

photondream framelab featuring cubic beziers and 3D editing features

Native drivers for Windows, OSX and Linux!

SX52, photondream's dac board cpu
The board has 2 x 16-bit DACs for X & Y, 8 x 8-bit DACS for color, 16 TTL channels.It has two onboard microprocessors, an 8051 and an SX52 clocked at 100Mhz. The 8051 is dedicated to the USB 2.0 High speed protocol (480Mbps) and has three endpoints defined. The SX52 is used with 4Mb offboard 12ns SRAM to provide the frame storage and timing... The micro code for both processors was coded in pure assembly with speed and accuracy as the primary goals.

The basic architectures is "framebuffer", its easier to think of it as a vector based video card. It supports variable scanrates in a single frame and can adjust all of its parameters realtime on the fly...

It starts to differentiate itself from other systems by maintaining ludicrous levels of precision at high speeds. The system is designed to stay within microvolt range accuracy even at 150Kpps scanning, not a trivial task, in fact a somewhat stupid idea since you'd be stretching the limits of resolution on even modern 'scopes! Every stage was bench tested and a test rig was build for every single component.

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