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Laser Links a la Photondream

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Mobius 8
Mobius 8 profile and interview on
Mobius 8 official website
Laserwurx official website
Laserium official website
Real Genius
If this movie hadn't been made, photondream as you and I know it would have never existed.
A long-standing source of information and inspiration. One of these days we're going to get that Spectronika CU-BR5 we've had our eyes on!
Photon Lexicon
Photon Lexicon has a great community, helpful forums section and plenty of interesting laser-related photo galleries.
MaXYZ Modules
We're extremely happy with our 110mW red laser module from MaXYZ. Here is a short   video clip of it in action (avi, 4.36MB).
Sam's Laser FAQ
Come on now, what would a laser web site be without a link to Sam's Laser FAQ?

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