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Photondream is a laser research and development company located in Southern California. We are in the process of revolutionizing laser control and positioning systems with custom hardware and software solutions.

Photondream. Reinventing lasers for a new generation.

Recent News
February 2007:
Photondream, Mobius 8 and Michael Madsen at the Revolution Lounge
The Valentine's day party at the newly-opened Revolution Lounge (in the Mirage Casino, Las Vegas) featured an audio-visual performance by Mobius 8 and the Photondream Realtime Lasershow Server, accompanied by a spoken word performance from Michael Madsen.
Revolution Lounge official website

December 2006:
Photondream Debuts Next-Generation Control System at Laserwurx
Beamshow on LXColor projectors View from the Hydra Ken and Josh hard at work
Photondream unveiled its next-generation hardware and software, dubbed "Photondream Realtime Lasershow Server" at a demonstration with Mobius 8 at Laserwurx's Las Vegas studio. Among other things, PDRLS uses procedural elements and realtime physics modeling to create organic laser effects, demonstrating previously unattainable levels of control and creativity.
Mobius 8's profile on
Laserwurx official website

January 2006:
Photondream at the MGM Grand
Mobius 8 performing at the MGM Grand Josh works on prepping the systems Josh and Craig pose after a system check
Photondream performed a show with Mobius 8 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV for IBM Software University 2006. Over 15,000 attendees were awed by effects triggered in realtime by Mobius 8's unique instrument, the Hydra, displayed with 5 giant 40-Watt green YAG lasers and a 16-Watt whitelight laser. The lasers were networked together using Photondream's custom lasershow hardware and software platforms.
Mobius 8 official website

November 2005:
Classic Laserium 600b System Arrives at Photondream
Josh and Ivan helping unload the truck Laserium 600b synthesizer controller Laserium 600b authoring deck
The Laserium 600 ruled the 70's and 80's as the de facto standard for laser projectors used in planetariums around the world. Photondream is proudly restoring what might be the only one of these classic units to make its way into the hands of a private owner. The unit came complete with the synthesizer controller, turret (not pictured) and the only authoring deck still known to be working.
Laserium official website

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