Tuesday August 20th, 2019
Welcome to the animation section

Back in 1997, a friend of mine was taking a film class. For the final project, their assignment was a short film, in any medium, on any subject. Having just finished watching the Wallace and Gromit box set together, one of us suggested that it would be great fun to do it in clay. Thus, my quest to become a clay animator began. Three weeks (and about 2 cases of Dr. Pepper) later, the "Alien blue guy" claymation was completed, edited, turned in, graded (it got an A+), and brief moments later, lost forever. We're actually still looking for it today. This unfortunate event completed chapter 1, the first step on the long journey to the following movies (well, clips really. someday I hope to actually make a moview or at least a cute little short film)

P.S. NEW movies and still pics added ... just the other day ...

Without further ado...

Here are the movie clips!

merryXmas.mpg - Norton and Johan (hint: Nate and Josh made this) send holiday cheer from my desk.
angryClayMan.aviA clay man gets angry at the camera and runs around
climbing.aviAnother clay man climbs up part of my bookshelf

p.s. you need to have the divx codecs to view most these animations. Don't worry if you don't have it yet, last time I checked it's a free install!

The Freshjive Clay Stills!!!

So if you've been reading my journal, you probably know that freshjive hired me to do some clay still scenes for their upcoming publication, The Propagandist. I finally got around to uploading some of the pics for you all to see. Half of them are actually digital photos of polaroids that the camera man made. They are kind of out of focus, but here they are, along with how big they'll be in publication!

jaaaah! (18*24)
Keyboard Man (9*12; Originally a picture of Jackie Mitoo)
Rub-A-Dub mobile record shop(18*24)

Leaves and more leaves - background for Keyboard Man

Detail of Rub-A-Dub man 1
Detail of Rub-A-Dub man 2

News Flash!

Original claymation video footage found! On a recent trip home (August 2002, yeah this page doesn't get updated quite as often as I'd like), I was able to recover a very vaulable video tape - the very first claymation we ever made! It's not the "blue guy" short, but there are some pretty entertaining clips on it, including some with hillarious audio (OK OK, at least we thought it was funny at 2 in the morning) ... I'm in the process of digitizing it now, and I'll post the files as soon as I get them ready.

News Flash 2!

I have a collaborator! Ethan and I have been emailing for a while now, throwing around some ideas about claymation etc. Check out his claymation project, Men In Clay. NOTE: This link seems to be down ... you still out there Ethan?

News Flash 3!

Now taking suggestions! Do you have a really neat idea for a clay animation? Character sketches, plot lines, neat effects that you think could be done in clay? Just like this web site? Let me know!